Original Fish

We are great believers that sustainably caught and farmed fish & seafood is the perfect food: Very healthy, produced in an environmentally friendly way and incredibly tasty! Nobody can deny that there are abuses in fishing – the good news is that there are also countless examples that allow fish to be enjoyed with a clear conscience! Our motivation is to offer our customers the best quality and most sustainable products from the seas, lakes and rivers in the most direct and transparent way – thanks to our online delivery service throughout Switzerland.

Original Fish was founded in 2023 by the brothers Benedict and Georg von Tscharner. Their passion for the best fish and a respectful approach to nature is what drives them to offer their customers the best products available.
Cosmo Steinmetz, an innovative and experienced fish and seafood specialist, manages the concept store in Küsnacht.


At Original Fish, we attach great importance to the authenticity of our products, which is why we provide our customers with as much detail as possible about the origin and fishing methods. Through our local partner, who share our quality and sustainability standards, we ensure that we only receive the best products from selected day boats using environmentally friendly fishing methods. We source our fresh fish mainly from the French Atlantic coast.
In the case of farmed fish, we personally know the farms with which we pursue long-term partnerships. After all, we want our customers to know where the products come from.


Fish & seafood, as well as the nature from which they originate, deserve the highest appreciation. That is why Original Fish is committed to bringing the best quality products to the customer while avoiding unnecessary waste. That is why we only work online on a pre-order basis for fresh fish. This means that our customers receive the best product from the fishing boat directly to their home in the shortest possible time.


Original Fish is committed to the best quality fish & seafood. With the best raw materials and experienced know-how, we ensure that the quality and therefore the enjoyment is maximised. What is important to us?

Fishing method: We favour line fishing, fish traps or selective gillnets, as these ensure that the catch is handled with care. In contrast, fish from huge trawls, for example, are crushed under tonnes of other fish, which has a negative impact on quality.