Original Fish Favourite

We label those products as “Original Fish Favourites” that we particularly love and can therefore highly recommend to our valued customers. Whether this is due to seasonality, a special (or unique) supplier, a speciality that is typical for the time of year or one of our classics. Let us convince you, you won’t be disappointed!

Eat for Conservation

Eating and protecting the environment? Yes, that is possible! We label those delicacies with “Eat for Conservation”, which are invasive species that threaten the local flora and fauna in their living space. Removing them from the ecosystem is therefore active nature conservation.

Ike-Jime  活け締め

In this very animal-friendly Japanese method of killing, a fish is killed immediately by a targeted stab to the brain. In a further step, a wire is inserted into the spinal column, which stops any reflex action by the fish and thus prevents adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from being used up in the muscle tissue. ATP is a form of short-term available energy that is consumed by the cells and is also very important for quality: ATP is broken down into inosinate, among other things, as the fish matures, which leads to the full-bodied umami flavour. In other words, the calmer a fish is and therefore the more ATP is present in the muscle tissue, the better the quality and taste.

Flash Frozen

“Flash Frozen” stands for the highest quality in our frozen delicacies. Flash freezing, which freezes the products at -40° within a very short time, leads to such small ice crystals in the tissue that the cell structures in the tissue remain intact compared to conventional freezing in a household freezer. This prevents unnecessary water loss during defrosting and preparation and the quality is fully preserved.
Flash-frozen products are also characterised by the fact that they are deep-frozen at the ideal degree of ripeness or at the peak of the season, allowing the best quality to be offered.