Whole Dover Sole

Wild-catch, pan-ready, ca. 600g

Along with turbot, sole is considered one of the most delicate flatfish. Their flesh is white, aromatic, juicy and has a firm consistency. Specimens from Brittany and Normandy are among the best among gourmets. Its slightly nutty aroma comes into its own best with roasted aromas through golden brown frying.

CHF 69.00

CHF 11.50/ 100g


Latin Name: Solea solea
Origin: Bretagne or Normandy (FR, FAO 27)
Fishing method: Gill nets
Ingredients: Dover Sole (FISH)
Shelf life: 3 months after delivery if stored at minimum -18°. You can find the exact best before date on the product label. Consume within 1 days after defrosting.

Defrosting: Ideal for defrosting in the refrigerator for approx. 12 hours. If you need to defrost quickly, defrost in a cold water bath for approx. 1 hour.

Pan-ready: this pan-ready sole is gutted, skinned, without head and fins.

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