RIGATONI Antichi Grani

Mangia! brings ancient grains from Italy back to our plates and the result is fantastic! The Antichi Grani intensify the taste of the pasta and is also healthier for our digestion.

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This pasta, made from ancient grains, is a healthier option for those with gluten intolerance due to its significantly lower gluten index, making it more digestible compared to modern wheat varieties. It boasts high-quality minerals from its deep-rooted ancient grains, aiding digestion and enhancing flavor. With a gentle processing method, it retains natural sweetness, perfect for pairing with light, raw sauces.

Gewicht Netto: 400g

Inhaltsstoffe: Saragolla durum wheat semolina from organic farming.

Allergens: Cereals containing gluten. May contain traces of soy, mustard and squid (squid ink).

Origin: Italy



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500ml, 3l, 5l