Turbot Fillet from Bretagne

Wild-catch, France, ca. 550g

These fillets come from particularly large turbot (3-4 kg), which makes them particularly tasty and juicy. This is because turbot only develops its full flavor potential with increasing size. In addition, they are caught with gillnets and not with bottom trawls, which not only ensures excellent quality but also protects the seabed.

CHF 88.00

CHF 16.00/ 100g


Latin Name: Scophthalmus maximus
Origin: Bretagne or Normandy (FR, FAO 27)
Fishing method: Gill nets
Ingredients: Turbot (FISH)
Shelf life: 3 months after delivery if stored at minimum -18°. You can find the exact best before date on the product label. Consume within 1 days after defrosting.

Defrosting: Ideal for defrosting in the refrigerator for approx. 12 hours. If you need to defrost quickly, defrost in a cold water bath for approx. 1 hour.

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ca. 550g